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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Katherine Kiki 05/02/2013

Mind Body Healing (MP3 or CD) - Rick Collingwood

I first heard you on Coast to Coast and Your MS hypnosis cd helped me immensely in fact I believe I no longer have MS!!! THank YOU Thank You!

Michelle 31/01/2013

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Easy (MP3 or CD) Giovanni Lordi

"Dear Mr. Lordi, I wish I could crawl thru this computer to give you the biggest hug you ever had. I had been smoking since I was 13, I'm about to turn 53 in May. I have tried every single way one could try to quit smoking, including hypnosis in person. Well, I'm happy and PROUD to say, I'm a non smoker, my last cigarette was 12/24/12, it's as if I had never smoked. I don't know how to explain it....but, it worked, finally, I can say I DID IT, and if I could do it anyone can. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, you truly are a blessing. Now to lose this weight, my next goal. I have severe osteoarthritis so, needless to say, I'm not very active. Oh, and to be honest, I only had to use the hypnosis approximately 5 times..... Again, Thank you so very much...."

Bryan Favata 23/01/2013

Stress Management (MP3 or CD) - Rick Collingwood

Thank you so much. I had a chance to try one or your programs at a friends house and I was very happy with the results. I've explored the self-help/hypnosis/Hemi-Synch/Hypno-Peripheral Processing/NLP/Etc/Etc/Etc world for twenty five years, I can tell when a program is working and when it's not. That's why I decided to buy from you.

Melora Nivienne 21/01/2013

Hypnosis for a Super You (MP3 or CD) Giovanni Lordi

@GiovanniLordi Your "Super You" recording is absolutely brilliant...It's the best hypnosis program that I've ever purchased! =) Thank you!

Ian 19/01/2013

Hypnosis for Stuttering (MP3 or CD) Giovanni Lordi

Giovanni is genius! I have personally talked to him about my stuttering problem. He really knows a lot. I have been using this CD for one week. I have also found the noticeable change. I would keep using it for sure. Thanks Giovanni!

Matt Vasil 18/01/2013

Hypnosis for Superconsciousness (MP3 or CD) Giovanni Lordi

Very good, well done. This is probably my favourite recording too. I've used it for about 4 weeks now and I notice some definite changes, mostly with my studies. Can you make some more titles like this, maybe something for creativity?

Jessica 21/12/2012

Hypnosis for Letting Go (MP3 or CD) Giovanni Lordi

Giovanni, I live in the UK and bought some of your recordings via mobile through the app store. Just wanted to say thank you very much as you've changed my life. Keep up the good work.

Tanya Hoffman 17/12/2012

Pain Free (MP3 or CD) Rick Collingwood

I was in pain for years with arthritis and a new doctor knocked it out completly. I was thinking about it and couldn't let it go.I bought Pain Free at lunchtime yesterday and haave moved on from the anger I felt at previous Doctor's incompetence. I played it all night and feel so free of the memories of pain.

Thankyou Tanya

Karen Smith 11/12/2012

Fear & Panic Free (MP3 or CD) Rick Collingwood

Oh my gosh, your CDs are awesome. I had shocking fear and panic - left over from terrible things which happened in the past - and your CDs have kind of worked overnight (I have been using them for a while now). I thought I would never be free from the dreadful fear, even though I have a very happy life now. Thank You seems too tiny and so inadequate, but thank you for changing my life. I am eternally grateful to you. Kind regards, Karen Smith

Gabby 13/11/2012

Quit Smoking (MP3 or CD) - Rick Collingwood

Dear Mr Collingwood,

I have been a smoker for 20 plus years. I was never serious about quitting smoking.

However, it was my life and my decision to do whatever I wanted to do. Somewhere in April 2009 I was in one of the shops looking around then accidentally I saw a CD collection from Rick Collingwood Quit Smoking I bought that CD like many other items that I purchased before but used late on. In November 2009 I don’t know why but I started listening to the CD probably it was cheaper than any sleeping medication.

On the 15 April 2010 I quit smoking, now more than a year later I feel fine not craving at all, and most of all, now I smell nice.

I would like to say thank you. I would like to do that in person too. It was my work but you are major contributor. I saved money, got myself a big TV & according to my two children turned our TV room into a mini gym.

I purchased every title in your CD collections.

I am just wondering do you tailor CD’s for specific use? What about past life experience do you venture into that unexplored territory.

Do you ever come to Sydney?

Have a lovely day,,,,,,,,,,,