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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Megan D 18/08/2005

Happiness & Self Esteem (MP3 or CD) - Rick Collingwood

One day I went and put the Happiness & Self Esteem cd on in the bedroom where my husband was sleeping. He woke up that Saturday singing. It was unbelievable. Normally he wakes up on Saturday morning complaining about the kids and the noise and that he’s still tired from the week, but he woke up singing and happy and the cd continues to bring positive change.

Megan D Los Angeles, CA

Mike 06/07/2005

Mind Body Healing (MP3 or CD) - Rick Collingwood

Rick’s Mind, Body healing CD is great,it’s helped stop the post operative pain after my arm operation and I have recovered much sooner than expected. The CD also stopped me worrying and it helps me relax and sleep better at night.

Mike, New Gersey. USA

Jason 21/06/2005

Quit Smoking (MP3 or CD) - Rick Collingwood

Many thanks to Rick Collingwood who has changed my life. I can highly recommend his series of hypnosis CD’s to change whatever part of your life that you want to change. Thank-you

Used: Quit Smoking CD

Megan D 07/06/2005

Super Selling (MP3 or CD) Rick Collingwood

I started listening to the Happiness & Self Esteem, Abundance, & Super Selling cd and my monthly volume almost doubled last month and have had 2 business builders join my team and many express interest. What you think only comes about by action and my thoughts and life have changed since listening to your cds.

Deane 24/04/2005

Enhance Your Intuition (MP3 or CD) Rick Collingwood

Hi Rick !

My name is Deane and I along with my business partner Roxanne, run a small New Age Store on the Gold Coast.

We stock your Life Improvement Series and would like to congratulate you on your achievement with this range of products.

Have been receiving a lot of positive feedback.You are helping many people help themselves with a huge variety of problems, so keep up the fantastic work.

Also just wanted to make a quick mention about Ken and what a great job he does. Easy to deal with and very professional!

I am primarily contacting you because I have been doing a bit of research into Universal Laws over the past couple of years. I would like to get to a stage ( particularly with abundance ) where I can help people lift a few of those invisible chains !

I have personally found that unattaching from the result and staying in the present moment to be the greatest obstacles. I dont know if you can recommend anything to remedy this…even one of your CD’s ?

What I was wondering was that in your recent CD” Develop Your Psychic Power” you make reference to the UNIVERSAL MIND. Are you able, or have you ever placed people into a hypnotic state which directly accesses
the UNIVERSAL MIND ? I would be really interested to find out how.

Also, just on a personal note I have found that the Psychic Power CD has had the strongest effect on me even though I have only been using it for a few days…GREAT STUFF !


K Morris 21/04/2005

A Youthful You (MP3 or CD) Rick Collingwood

I have been listening to the Forever Young CD now for about 2 months and I have found it works really well. I had a long term illness which forced me to leave my full time employment, I was suffering with abdominal pain, not sleeping very well, very down emotionally and physically exhausted. Since I have been listening to the CD my sleeping has greatly improved and I awake feeling energetic. I now do not suffer from any physical pain or the emotional feeling of “Being Down”. I have returned to full time work. I would certainly recommend Rick Collingwood’s CD to anyone who needs help in regaining their health and wellbeing.
Thanks Rick

K Morris Success WA

Richard 22/03/2005

Mind Body Healing (MP3 or CD) - Rick Collingwood

I am writing to say thank you for your kind consideration in sending gratis copies of your cancer and mind-body healing cds to me after my recent e-mail to you. I received them a few days ago and have already found the cancer cd useful in helping me relax enough to ignore the spinal tumour pain and get some much needed sleep.
Like many people I slip into sleep while listening but of course sleep is the time when the body can best concentrate on healing itself. I am shortly expecting to undergo an intensive period of radio therapy on my tumour and I am sure that your cds will continue to help me in my recovery.

My doctors are still trying to locate a primary tumour since spinal tumours are normally secondary. However so far nothing has revealed itself, either by scan or blood tests. For now there for I am concentrating on mentally eliminating my tumour (which I have named Adolf Von Tumour).

I’ll beat the bugger yet!

My thanks again for your generous gift and i will keep you informed of my progress.