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About Intuition, Clairvoyancy, Clairsentience and Telepathy

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By Teresa Lewis - www.lightheartedservices.com

One of my clearest memories of my clairvoyance was when I was a little girl maybe 4 or 5 years old. I remember feeling that I was not alone, and recall flashes of scenes where I am running in a open field and I have a whole team of people running behind me, I was laughing and having fun. I knew them well and I could see them, and I knew other people couldn’t.

Phrases like “You’re being silly” “You are making things up” impacted immensely on my feelings of trusting what I felt and saw, what I experienced from the inside. I was told to ignore that and believe instead someone or something else external that was not me, like a grown up or religion. Giving up my truth was just a matter of time and eventually I forgot about my happy invisible friends.

Around 11 years old something returned and it wasn’t friendly. There was a dark looming presence that came and went. It seemed to have me frozen in fear as it came toward and towered over me. And I remember it was almost as if I was experiencing a delirious fever or sickness, hot cold sweats. It really scared me.

My family life around the time of 13 changed, and I moved to the live in the country. The old painted portraits on the house walls began to move, I would straighten the picture and then it would move again. Could it have been the hanging? I thought that too, but when the portrait took on real life qualities that was a whole different dimension. Then séances commenced, at first it was exciting and scary at the same time, but then things happened such as the glass flying of the table and sounds coming out of the air. So that put a stop to that freaky stuff for a while.

Then in my 20’s, I knew things that I didn’t know how I knew, especially about people, and a vibe that I could feel around them, it was gut feelings or intuition. My dreams became more vivid and I experienced daijavu or little premonitions. Then he appeared… At first as I was drifting to sleep, I would feel a light touch on my cheek like a parent checking in on their child. Then I saw that he was dressed like 1940’s Humphrey Bogart wearing a trench coat. He told me his name is Gordon and he was my first conversational telepathic contact. I then went on to study psychic development with a clairvoyant who had over 40 years experience, I learnt how to meditate and read tarot cards and heaps of other cool esoteric stuff. I travelled every week to attend night classes and did weekend ones too. I practised reading Tarot cards at the kitchen table with the study book in one hand with lots of pauses and looking up meanings in the process.

In my 30’s I attended lots and lots of conventions, workshops, metaphysical, new age anything’s. The business developed and my reputation as a clairvoyant and intuitive reader grew. BUT my Piscean nature of susceptibility to addictive traits broke loose and an all-new record high of losing everything followed, my health, finances, spirituality and relationships. I recall that movie “What dreams may come” where this person suicides and they go to a living hell, trapped in fear and pain. I was in it, a deep dark well.  Slowly a light appeared and I choose to reach up for it. As much as the darkness seemed to fit so comfortably, I choose the light.  I had forgotten the power of the invisible force. I had become so disconnected from that inner life force, truth and knowing.

Flash forward to my 40’s and yep oh yeah, been living in the light since my mid thirties. Worked steadily on awakening myself and changing my consciousness from past patterns limitations and false learning’s. Have had the most awesome time reading for people from all over the world. Have gained amazing knowledge and wisdom. The most consistent thing I have learnt is to be consistently present! Awake and aware of my intuition in the right here right now. For me structure and routine work best in combination with the open-mindedness to be adaptable and flexible when guided to be.

Understanding the difference between what I See, Hear and Feel.

What is Intuition?

I believe Intuition is the instinctual internal language you are born with. It is your divine navigator through life. I sometimes call it my “Inner Tom Tom”. It will guide and alert you through life’s opportunities. It will direct you towards and away from people, places and things.

Your intuition will communicate with you in the easiest form for you to understand.  Those forms can be described as:

  • Clairvoyance: the ability to see
  • Clairaudience: the ability to hear/listen
  • Clairsentience: the ability to feel/sense

Everyone has psychic powers, your intuition will help you to use this invisible force.  Setting time aside to still your mind and quieten your thinking is the key foundation to the clarity and accuracy of your intuition. It always helps you to make decisions and choices in your life.

What is Clairvoyance?

I believe Clairvoyance (clear vision or seeing) is your inner sight. It is the ability to visually see pictures, symbols and words not with physical eyes but in your mind. It is the power to perceive things beyond the normal senses and range like in another room or house or town or even a country.

Spiritual mystics refer to the Third Eye as the spiritual sight. Clairvoyants were also known and named as a “Seer “and were described as a person who perceives visually. They would go to the lakes and gaze into the water, or look into the skies or crystal balls and see messages and symbols.

People seek to find answers and meaning to their life. Consulting a clairvoyant for suggestions in Relationships, Love, Money, Health, Children, Work will assist you to gain clarity in decisions and choices, even when you are feeling stressed or under pressure. And also even if you are seeking confirmation, that your decisions are on the right track.

As a young child my Clairvoyance was my strongest, I could see people who other people couldn’t. Yes, they were dead people!

When I begin a reading, I always receive a vision first. I don’t need to have my eyes closed but sometimes I do. My success relates to my ability to give the clearest description of what I am seeing without judgement or trying to figure out what it means to me. As I share what I am seeing with you, more information flows to me, which then unfolds the answer to your question you are seeking.

What is Clairaudience?

I believe Clairaudience (Clear hearing) is the ability to receive words, letters, names and sounds in your mind through an auditory sense.  It is the intuitive power to perceive things beyond the normal senses or ranges often appearing as though it comes directly above, beside or behind a person.

In a reading I hear a name called out, or the sound of a bell, even a tune from a song or someone singing. It sometimes may be soft and gentle like a whisper, or a definite attention no mistaking pay attention ring or knock.

The voice may have several expressions, it may sound like my own or at other times change characteristics and tone, use slang or phrases like someone else.

The important point to make is that the voice is always kind and loving. It is never controlling or instructing you to cause harm to yourself or others.

What is Clairsentience?

I believe Clairsentience (clear sensing or feeling) is your inner knowing. It is the ability of intuition to work through your gut feelings, hunches and sense of just knowing you know.

It can often be experienced by physical feelings like goose bumps or shivers. Appearing on the top layers of your skin or in your heart or stomach. The depth of feeling will vary for each individual. Often that niggly feeling you may be experiencing is your psychic muscles asking you to pay attention. Importantly the messages and signals may be smooth and instantaneous, either way be open to exploring what it means to you.

When in a reading, my clairsentient feelings are very strong, I can feel in my body where an aliment is in yours and describe it to you. I can communicate what others are feeling especially when they are not able to articulate it.

Gut feelings and psychic impressions have been well documented through out history. Countless stories have been told about people who trusted the inner vibes. People have shared their stories about how they decided to not go to work on a particular day, not knowing why, but just had the strong urge to stay away and then watched news headlines in horror and disbelief, knowing that they ordinarily would have been there. Trust your clairsentient guidance, it is the first thing that pops in. Then the mind chatter begins making excuses, convincing you, juggling reasons of why and so on.

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy I believe is the communication or the conversation that happens where you ask a question and you receive an answer, so it’s information that you ask and then information that you receive. Telepathy is not about mind control or mind power, I believe it is simply about the inner dialogue, the intuitive dialogue between yourself and your higher self, or yourself and if you choose another person and their higher self.

You can communicate with guides or angels, people that you feel connected to, God, universal force, great-spirit, the big kahuna or whatever it is that you talk to or feel comfortable with. There is no right or wrong it is whatever that is safe and loving to you that matters. Telepathy is quite a valuable tool and everyone uses their telepathy to a degree, I believe.

So telepathy can be shared, My friends and I quite often send out messages or tune in to each other. It can be as simple as I am going to the movies and stuck in traffic and I’ll send her a message to say, “I will be there in five minutes”, rather than using the telephone or texting, I can use our telepathic skills. Because she is on the same wave length/frequency she gets the message and knows nothing is wrong I am just stuck in traffic. She can easily pick up on me and I can pick up on her. It does take practice and you know the great thing is that, you can practice it at anywhere or any time and it’s a really valuable tool for instant clarity, instant answers and clearer direction and choices that can help you in your life, whether for Relationships, Career, Money or Well being.

When I am out at a function and someone asks what do you do? When I say I am a Clairvoyant. They either stick their hand out for me to read their palm (yes I can do that too) or they ask a question like “What are the lotto numbers haha wink”! Or they freak out and think I am reading their minds or processed by demonic forces and I know all their secrets, so they move away from me pronto and disappear into the crowd. Or they stay and we chat about spirituality, new age theories, metaphysics, conspiracy theories and energy just to name a few things.

I say to people, being a clairvoyant is like being a professional tennis player, it is what I have chosen to do in my life. When on the court playing tennis I am being the tennis player. When you give me permission to read for you I am being clairvoyant doing the reading. When not on the tennis court I am still a tennis player or when not doing a reading I am still a clairvoyant, do you get it? When I begin work, I switch into a mode of focus and activate my skills. Just like I would do when I walk onto the tennis court to play a match. Here is what I do before a reading, this defines they way I switch into my psychic mode.

Before I begin reading for the first client of the day:

  • I clear the Tarot cards I will be using
  • I practise a breathing cycle to be fully present
  • I invite my higher power to be the clearest conduit for information with me.

How do you develop all of the above inner powers?

  • Regularly quietening the mind and calming the head chatter is the foundation to clarity. Being the master of your thinking
  • Regularly practising presence exercises
  • Regularly practising breathing exercises
  • Regularly practising meditation
  • Treat yourself with love and kindness, eat and drink healthy products, let go of dense habits
  • Be consciously aware of what you are doing

These seemingly supernatural skills exist in everyone all the time. They are always there within you and the moment you begin to act with and from them, they are activated. The more you practise the better you become and the better you become, so does your practise. When you focus on the present moment and trust that inner voice or feeling or thought you will connect with the energy or presence of the moment and that is where truth, love and clarity are, nowhere but now here.
The biggest thing I must bypass is my own head or my thinking. I am talking about my judgemental, expectant, assumptive doubtful mind conditioning based on the past thinking and habitual beliefs.

Some days, it is hard to get out of bed before our thinking is like a team of uncontrollable horses pulling a chariot with you in it. It takes discipline and practise to keep returning to the present moment. You are in charge of your thinking and it’s up to you to be the commander of where it will go.

I can daydream about my day, use procrastination, avoidance, busyness, tiredness and the list goes on and on, whatever excuses are ways to not acknowledge what my intuition has clearly shared with me. For some weird reason I sometimes fight with myself, thinking I must be in control and I know best.  My thinking thinks; that by following my inner guidance I am losing control! and that’s exactly what the ego mind tries to convince you to do! Get confused! never surrender to the simplicity and then, doubt yourself so you have to go find the answer from some external source that totally negates your instant inner wisdom. See…. how funny the ego mind is! It is very insidious indeed.

Now it’s not that deep or hard to fathom for instance have you? Felt, heard a voice, or just knew:

  • To turn left and u do the opposite.
  • To take the train: you drive and get gridlocked in traffic
  • To avoid that relationship but you went into it?

Ah ha….and each time you then say to yourself “I knew I should have……” and grrrrr you give yourself a hard time, because you have made living in your day harder and more stressful than it needs to be AGAIN.

When you are connected to within, when you follow your intuitive answers/directions your day is lived in the flow, you are in a synchronicity with your true self and others.

Simple stuff like :

You pick up the phone or text someone who pops into your thoughts and yep shazzam! They were just thinking about you!

You really want a new red coat but the budget is tight, then.. you just happen, to pop into a shop and there it is, the perfect red coat! AND it’s on special at an absolute give away bargain price. See…

There are so many ways in which your inner powers will work with you. It’s time to wake yourself up (from the inside first) and learn what is your stronger inner ability? Start using it. I say when in doubt don’t. Relax and return to grounding yourself which means doing some breathing, stretching and being fully present.

Most of all enjoy the inner trip and journey into you. Share what you learn.

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